perfect timing

Title: perfect timing by lubiks-cube

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Length: 5.1k

Summary: First attempt at proposing here, another attempt at proposing there, and more on their way. Jongin just <em>really</em> wants to marry Luhan on Christmas day. 

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Sorry For Crying

Title: sorry for crying by _milkshake

Rating: PG-13

Genre: angst, tragedy 

Length: 2.8k

Summary: There’s nothing that hurts more than holding onto scattered pieces of broken promises.

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please don’t take my sunshine away

Title: Please don’t take my sunshine away by clockstar

Rating: R

Genre: Romance, Angst

Length: 2,2k

Summary: ”please tell me you aren’t serious about her, please,” lu han begs, crawling to his knees and reaching up to entwine his hands with jongin’s, tears slowly making their way down his cheeks.

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smells like teen spirit

Title: Smells Like Teen Spirit by teddyescher

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Romance, Comedy, highschool Au!

Length: 4.1k

Summary: highschool!au. lu han is the new school mascot. oh deer.

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this fic is so cute :)

meiren-menglu asked: To the anon that wanted a Lukai wedding!au, there's "Don't Tell Luhan" by jyooliangme on aff. It's a really really cute story. /story/view/583107/don-t-tell-luhan-exo-kai-luhan-jongin-kailu


Here’s the link anon

Anonymous asked: hi, i just want to ask if you know what happened to vocaline kailu fanfic "put your records on"??

I think the author put it on private. you might have to friend/subscribe to her.

madiwi-love asked: Omg!! Do you know of a sequel to 365? I read it cause of your rec and at the end I was yelling and crying and omg why? It was such a fun read but the end was... *cries*

i dont think there’s a sequel :( but yessssss it was so good. Maybe the author will consider writing one haha

Anonymous asked: Um... can you please give me some kailu angsty-smut? :3 *runs off and hides in a corner*


Decadence At its Best

Yesterday Forgotten

Master Misery

Anonymous asked: Ayo! Thx for this awesome blog! <3 Btw, do you have any cat!boy luhan?

uhmmm theres none that I remember reading that left an impression on me that I really wanted to rec. But I’ll post one for sure if I read one that I like!